Alpha Wolf

The Werewolf: You AKA Wolf

The Werewolves nowadays are spoiled, but you are the last of the "True" Werewolves. The Alpha Wolf. The one who terrorized the wilderness and entire countrysides. Oh sure MAYBE you didn't have a fancy accent like that damn aristocratic bloodsucker, but damn it YOU didn't have the privilege of coming from money. You started from nothing and pulled yourself up from nothing to become a star.

You just wish you'd invested your money better, and hadn't gotten married andÂ…well a whole bunch of things really.

Sometimes you think about transforming into a human and living like a normal person, but you were never one to pretend. You're a monster and you'll DIE a monster.

Besides you're more noticeable in your Wolf form even if you aren't properly feared anymore. If you're lucky you'll get some human asking you for your autograph.

At least it's something.

It doesn't pay the bills on this humble cabin though. You need to make some money or you'll be scrounging around in the forests like when you were a young pup. Not that you can't survive, but you're really accustomed to your "human comforts" now.

Damn civilization has had a domesticating effect on you.

But you're still the Alpha Wolf damn it.

You have 1 choice: