(Please note - this story actually contains some swearing. I can't very well leave it out).

You slowly stir, wincing a bit in the bright sunlight. Damn, you must have left your curtains open when you went to bed last night.

Almost automatically, you start to reach for your blanket to pull it back over you - it *is* cold, after all. However, your eyes widen slightly as you don't find the blanket.

Instead, your questing fingers brush against dry leaves which crumble under your touch.

-Shit!- You jerk upright, and nearly hit your head on a low-hanging branch. That, however, is the least of your problems.

The smell of blood violently hits your nose, and you almost retch. That's right - it was the full moon last night, wasn't it? You must have hunted.

But hunted what? You're apparently in a forest, so it must have been a deer, or a similar animal... Right?

Unable to help yourself, you glance to the side, and then flinch as you see the body of a young, brown-haired woman. Other than the fact that she's naked, you can't make out any more details - her whole body is covered in blood from multiple bite and claw wounds.

Are you calm enough to assess the situation? Roll one dice.

What do you get?