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Paco Valdez

Paco Valdez

You stretch your legs out as you begin to awaken. Last night was good. The woman you shared it with lie sleeping beside you. You swing your legs over the side of the bed and rub the sleep from your eyes.

You met her in the saloon downstairs. Not the most romantic place to meet but neither of you were looking for romance. To say it was a wild night would be an understatement.

You pull your pants on and go to the wash bowl to splash some water on your face. You're hoping this will help to wake you.

You've only been in town a few weeks. You're scoping the local bank along with your two partners; Gus and Annie. Every thing looks good so far, and it looks like you'll be taking care of the place in another week or so.

What time is it? You glance around the room for the clock. You were supposed to meet Gus at 11:00 at one of the town's shadier water-holes to discuss the robbery. The clock reads a quarter past that hour.

"Shit." You curse aloud as the beauty in the bed rolls over onto her side, exposing one of her lovely soft breasts. You're half tempted to wake her and recreate the events of last night. But you don't have time for that. You're already late.

You throw on a shirt and button it in a hurry, verbally repeating your previously stated curse as you slip your feet into your worn boots and step out into the hall. You walk down the hall at an accelerated pace to the top of the stairs. You rush down the stairs so quickly that it is a wonder you don't fall down them in the process.

You figure Gus is going to be pissed. But what can you do about it at this point? It's too late now to rectify the situation, you've already overslept. A wild night with a good woman will do that to you. Gus is a gruff, mean old bastard and you're not looking forward to his berating.

You exit the hotel lobby and step out onto the street. The sun beats down on you from above with its dry heat. It makes you almost immediately thirsty. You can't wait for a beer.

There are very few people out today, probably due to the extreme heat. Those who are out stay to the shadows on their porches and stare out at you. Not all of those stares are friendly.

You stand before the tavern for a few seconds before entering. It's quiet in there today. It's quiet nearly everywhere today. Why should the saloon be any different?

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