Breath of fire 1

You continue walking and you see a village . You enter and you see this village is in a mess. The Dark Dragons payed them a vist.
There town has a castle in the center and little house. The castle and the dragon shrine is still in good shape.

You talk to one of the towns person and they say "our hometown, Nanai has been occupied by the dark dragons."
You talk to a nother person and she says "We've escape one dangerous situation only to face another one! The castle has been occupied by putrid monsters!!"
Then you go and talk to one of the soilders and he says "You want us to go up there against monsters? You're crazy!"
You talk to the King and he says "The dark dragon family destroyed my kingdom. I must now rebuild! I dont fear the dark dragons!"
You talk to the man standing next to the king and he say "We need a strong fighter to chase the creatures away from the castle"

Are you up to the challange of taking on the creature that lurks with in the castle? Or do you want to save?