Breath of fire 1

You head down the stairs but a fire comes before you but the old women say "I will handle this" and she cast a spell "Rada…DeCabra! Cohus…Cuspo!" and the fire is gone and she goes on to say "My magic was once strong, by at my age I can barely dowse this fire". You are in a large room with many people with in it. You are safe from the fire. You talk to a boy and he says, "The fire is so intense! It doesn't seem natural", You talk to the man next to him and he says "Let's go. Esma's magic will hold the flames long enough for us to escape" You talk to the old man and he says "We don't know what caused the fire. Luckily the people here are safe!" Then you talk to this Women and she says, "Our faith is in Sara. Her magic will keep us safe"

You leave the house to see whats going on out side.

You have 1 choice: