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PG: Violence
Helot: A slave of Sparta captured in war.

The sun beats down on your neck. Day after day, it is the same. That damn sun scorching you body, roasting your skin. All day you toil in this field, harvesting the crop of grain and grapes. Never do you get a break.

For too long has it been this way. You have been in the captivity of your master, Eurid, for two years, a small amount compared to your fellow slaves. A Spartan, Eurid aquired you in the recent takeover of the nearby Elysian province, your homeland. You house destroyed, your land ravaged, and your family murdered, you surrendered yourself without a fight, something you now regret. Every moment you live is hell.

Recalling your family's death, you begin to weep silently. Your father had joined the Elysian army and...was killed in the first battle. Your king retreated further and further back, until he even deserted your land. And then the Spartans came and killed everyone.

Your sudden lapse in work does not go unnoticed. The slavemaster, a cruel, wicked man named Cobb, brandishes his cane.

"Why aren't you working?"

You spit in his face. "You bastards killed my family. I will not rest until I see all your carcasses strewn across this very field."

"What did you say? I am bringing you to Eurid right now!"

You have 2 choices: