A Tale of Two Choices

"Here's the plan. We find Noah and the Master, wrestle them to the ground, tie them up and put them in the cellar. See how they like it."

Dorothea and Jane wondered quite how effective they would be in the wrestling stakes, but it sounded like just desserts for the Trystell family.

Simon shouted to the other kitchen assistants to bind the cook and Brenda together securely, and left the room. Dorothea and Jane followed as the kitchen orphans were retrieving the twine from one of the many drawers in the kitchen.

"I think that at this noon hour, the Master is often upstairs having a catnap. I'm not sure where Noah goes, but I have heard rumours that he has a dalliance with one of the maids in the garden," reported Simon. "I vote that we take care of Mr Trystell first. Noah is a pasty faced coward at heart."

"But Noah is the stronger and quicker of the two," Jane pointed out. "And if Mr Trystell is asleep, then we have more chance to get him later."

They looked to Dorothea to make the decision.