A Tale of Two Choices

Trystell took the letter with alarming speed and ripped it into small pieces. These were flung at Dorothea. "Read it now, you horrible little girl," and with that Trystell laughed and stalked out of the work room. Dorothea immediately burst into tears.

Jane did her best to try and comfort her friend, telling her that if the mysterious woman tried once then she was sure to try again. Dorothea could not be consoled.

The remaining orphans continued with their work on the sacks. They knew that if they were found slacking their daily helping of gruel would be denied to them that evening. Jane, however, had not left Dorothea's sobbing side when Fat Brenda returned.

"You girl ... Jane is it? ... come here at once."

Jane meekly left Dorothea and walked up to Brenda. Brenda grabbed her by the ear and led her outside.