A Tale of Two Choices

Jane grabbed the letter from the floor where it landed and dashed out of the work room. Mr. Trystell turned briefly, making a half hearted attempt to try to catch Jane, and then turned back to Dorothea.

"What did you read? What do you know?" he growled with hell flashing in his eyes.

"What debt am I? Why do you hold me?" Dorothea had to know the answers, whatever wrath it would incur in Mr Trystell.

"You will never ..." and then Mr. Trystell stopped. His face changed from malevolence to a dangerous friendliness. "Dorothea, my dear, come follow me and I will tell you everything."

"The truth? About my parents? And why you keep me?"

Trystell flashed a yellowed smile.

"Everything, just come outside with me."