A Tale of Two Choices

"Who is to confront Mr. Trystell directly, Dorothea? You did not speak in a full sentence." Jane recognised that Dorothea was flustered by the news that she had just received.

"Will you come with me Jane? I don't think I can do it alone. But I must talk to him. I thought my parents were dead. How can he keep me here if I am, indeed, his daughter?"

Jane thought for a moment, realising that leaving her post in the sacking room would result in fierce punishment but agreed. The question was now where to find Mr. Trystell.

"I know that at noon, Mr. Trystell often walks his dog, Sabre," said Dorothea, "so if he has done that we will need to escape the workhouse its self."

"Yes, but doesn't he sometimes have a lunch time nap? That would involve us going upstairs to the living quarters," suggested Jane.