A Tale of Two Choices

"Dorothea, if you leave this room, you will be punished severely. Noah and Brenda are vicious. You have seen how they treat the smallest disobeyal. Don't do it."

Dorothea ignored Jane's protestations and quickly left her sacking. Not only did she want to find out if she was related to the Trystells, she was intrigued about the cry of pain that had caused Brenda to leap from the room.

Once in the hall way, Brenda followed the sounds of a shouted pain up the stairs into the private quarters of the Trystell family. No orphan was allowed up here, on pain of death. There were rumours that one young boy who had ventured up by mistake was never seen again, and the next day a body shaped mound had appeared in the grounds of the Workhouse.

In front of Dorothea were two doors. Behind the closed one were the shouts of pain. The other was ajar, and she could hear a faint humming from a female voice, one that she did not recognise.