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Draco Cronnoc

G: Sexual dialogue
The exact wording of a letter you received yesterday:

Dear Mr. Draco Cronnoc,

Mr. James McNulty was murdered on August 19th, 2002. We have heard of your reputation concerning such crimes, so we at the Murder Inspection Agency appeal for your aid as the identity of the guilty person evades us. The following is a sequence of events the nightof the murder:

Mr. McNulty had just come home after pushing the Progressive Tax Act through Congress, which as you may recall taxes the rich on a higher scale than the poor. To celebrate his victory, Mr. McNulty organized a party comprised of himself and his best friends: Mr. Edward Tracker, Mr. Jason Forbes, Ms. Lucille Orien, and Miss Jane Flasser. His personal servant Mrs. Pauline Brazer was also present. His wife, Pamela McNulty, and his children were vacationing in Belgium on the night. The party started at 4:00 PM and was scheduled to end at 11:30 PM but was interrupted when Mrs. Brazer found Mr. McNulty dead in his bedroom at 7:00.

We can assure you the above information is entirely correct. We have detained all four party members as well as Mrs. Brazen, who contacted police at 7:12 PM. The manor is the same as when we found it, ready for your observant eye, Mr. Cronnoc. We hope you can help us deduce who the killer is.

You have 1 choice: