A Tale of Two Choices

Dorothea was relieved to have an excuse not to enter the Poxy Goat. She was aware that she had a package to deliver to Jeremiah Kenge, and that Fat Brenda would be waiting for her rapid return. But this woman may know a Mr Kenge, and Dorothea may escape having to sully herself by entering the den of iniquity.

"Ma'm," Dorothea began, hurrying after her, finding it difficult to keep up, "Do you happen to know a Mr. Kenge? I'm told he is a surgeon and I must deliver this package to him."

The lady laughed. "Jeremiah? The surgeon of sin? There is many a young lady in these parts who is aware of Mr Kenge and his potions. You are less innocent than you look deary. I am pleased."

Dorothea did not understand this. What did she mean "surgeon of sin"? "Please, Ma'm, can I give you this package to give to him, so that I can be away?"

"Not so fast, deary. First of all, you and I are going to have a little talk."

Dorothea found herself in a back street by an open door to which the lady was directing her. She no longer knew where she was and did not quite know the way back to the Poxy Goat.