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The Man

You wake up... it's midnight, you are in your cmofortable home, an old, large mansion.
What awoke you? You decide it was just a strange coincidence and try to return to sleep. You can't help listening intently for somehting odd to happen, but the only thing you hear is the rain pouring against the windows, and the occasional thunder.

You look at the clock, now it's 3 AM, you must have fallen asleep then. The rain has stopped, it's quiet, except for the occasional sounds always present in such an old house.
What could've woken you up this time?

As you lie thinking, you hear footsteps somewhere outside. A visitor? Here? You listen intently as the footsteps get louder. You now realise they're actually coming from INSIDE your house, from the hall downstairs. You know you'd locked the door before you went to bed, didn't you?
Suddenly, the footsteps stop.
Trembling, you ponder what to do...