A Tale of Two Choices

I have saved myself a journey then," declared Dorothea. "I have it with me here," she said, withdrawing the note from her pocket with a charming naivity.

"How dare you," Brenda erupted. "You vile, good for nothing thief. Sticking your fat little nose into other people's private property. You have done it this time. I warned my father. 'She is just trouble,' I warned him. But oh no. He saw you as another money making opportunity. He took a shine to you." She spat out the word "shine".

During this outburst Noah was turning paler and paler. "Ahem," he interrupted, raising and lowering his eyebrows like a piston engine, "erm... you haven't actually read the note have you?"

Dorothea started, "The note. Of course..." and she then looked at both brother and sister. They were hanging on her every word, leaning forward to hear it before it left Dorothea's mouth. She had to think quickly.