A Tale of Two Choices

There was no choice for Dorothea. She could not admit that she already had the letter. The consequences would have been too dreadful to imagine.

Dorothea gave a meek noise of agreement, left the room and went up stairs. Whilst in Brenda's room, she fished the note out of her pocket and read it.

"My dearest Brenda.

I look forward to eight o'clock tomorrow night. I shall rap on the window to your office three times, so that you know it is me. I will bring the jewels with me. Make sure that you are alone. I love you, and look forward to our life together.

Your loving Algernon."

Dorothea remembered that it had been Noah, not Brenda, who had told Dorothea to get this note. Therefore, Brenda had not kept in secret. Dorothea, knowing of Brenda and Noah's avarice, suspected that a trap was being set. Eight o'clock was only a few hours away. But in the meantime, she had to go down to deliver the note to the Siblings.