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The Item

R: Strong violence, some to children
A girl! You pause as you enter the room. There is a girl, asleep, mere strides away from you. Eyes darting, you scan the room for enemies. None.

Approaching the girl, who seems no more than seven, you realize she is the only thing in the room. Your quest has come to an abrupt end. Having searched for years, all of your work has been futile. Every clue you found, every sign you have pointed to this room! How could you have made such a big mistake? The Item was supposed to be here! That is what Elam said!

You sit on the floor as the girl continues to rest and you being to ponder your situation. You must have gone wrong somewhere, but if you don't destroy the Item in a month the world will end. And that must be prevented. The Item must be destroyed.

Then it dawns on you. The girl is the Item! You have to kill her! Unsheathing your knife, you look with contempt upon her body. This one being will be the sole cause of strife and death. All will rejoice when the Item is gone.

Yet your knife does not move. how placidly this child breaths, its body rising and falling to a slow and nameless rythym. Her blonde hair cascades off her head to the floor like water on rock.

"You must kill this demon!" a voice in your head insists.

"But it is simply a child!"

"It is a threat to humanity! Kill it now!"

You tower above the helpless and unknowing child. A black shadow envelops its sleeping prey.