An Island Adventure

After spending most of lockdown watching various streamers on Twitch, you find yourself somehow winning a flight on Babcock Air! Huray!

This exclusive service takes subscribed members of paranormal investigator and pilot David Babcock's Twitch stream on a somewhat chaotic flight from one airport to another, providing free Monster Munch and Um Bongo as snacks, and then leaves the passengers at the destination with no regards for how they get home... that's the Babcock way!

However, after boarding your flight and heading into the skies, the plane encounters a storm.
Strong winds and heavy rain lash against the plane, rocking it off of course and soon you and your fellow passengers pass out due to the smells coming from the on board toilets...

You awake, half-covered in sand and Monster Munch, on a beach.
Above you, a cloudless blue sky. Before you, the rolling ocean.
The waves crash upon the smoking remains of the plane which, to your dismay, is slowly being pulled under the waves by the tide.
Getting unsteadily to your feet, you realise the other passengers scattered across the beach are slowly doing the same.

"Right," a nasally voice says, and you turn around. "Welcome to Babcock's Beach! This was all planned, part of the service, there will be music and sessy dancing and please don't sue me..."

Seeing the awkward-looking pilot, rubbing his broken glasses on his shirt and straightening a branded headband, you have a decision to make.