An Island Adventure

"I could really go for a succulent Chinese meal!" a passenger shouts out, followed by laughter.

"Seriously," you say. "If you're hungry, there are berries and fruits on the trees and bushes."

You reach up to the nearest low branch and pick off a handful of berries.

"I'm not sure you should eat those..." a surly passenger with an American accent says. "They may be poisonous!"

"Why are you American?" you ask. "Oh, nevermind that... watch!"
With a smug wink, you toss the berries in the air and catch them in your mouth.
Biting down, you taste the bittersweet juice as the fruits burst.
Unfortunately, the American was right!
You fall to your knees, eyes watering, throat constricting, your temperature rising as your body struggles to cope.
Your lungs refuse to work, your intestines burn, and you collapse face first into the ground.

"Well," the American says. "This is awkward."

Your adventure is over!

You have 1 choice: