Strangely Forgotten

You come to your senses in darkness. A steady beeping sounds in the background. Warm air brushes across your skin and you can smell the sharp scent of medicines and hospitals. Slowly, you push your eyelids open, drifting out of the darkness. The bright light blinking above you startles you, and you shut your eyes tight before slowly opening them to allow them to adjust. Eventually, you can see again. The room around you is plain and repetitive. Everything is white, from the white walls and ceiling to the white blinking monitor above you. You notice again the steady beeping sound. You look up, noticing a monitor. You're hooked up to a heartbeat monitor. 'Beep......Beep......Beep.' It's you. It's your heart. "Where am I?" You wonder aloud. It looks like a hospital, but you can't remember how you got there. In fact, you can't remember much of anything. Footsteps outside your door startle you, and you look up to see your door open.

You have 1 choice: