Time Traveler

At last! My time machine works! All these years of work ... so many failures ... but it has finally paid off. If only my wife were still alive to share this moment with me. We could travel together back to those moments in history she loved so much. Ancient Rome, Renaissance France, Victorian England. Now I will have to travel through time alone. Perhaps it is for the best. It will no doubt be dangerous with this untested device strapped on me as I venture through ancient times. Citizens of those times will no doubt consider me some sort of devil or wizard and may attack me. I have no children to be left fatherless and no one depends on me. If I perish, at least I will know that my lifelong dream has been achieved. Now where shall I go first? I know, Ancient Rome! I will set the device to August 9, 48 B.C. in Pharsalus. I'll be able to watch Julius Caesar defeat Pompey. What a thrill it will be.