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Asylum: ~Lost Memories~

You know there's no way you'll be able to outrun a bullet. The only thing left to do is fight. Time to shine right? You hope so, so quickly you make a dash toward the gaurds corpse.
As you near him, you see the killer round the corner. It's frighteningly greusome, and suddenly you begin to have second thoughts about your choice.
You only get a slight glimpse of it before you reach the gaurds body. But what you do see almost freezes you with fear. A huge, muscular, human-ish beast. Though its legs are as a goats, and its arms entirely severed and bleeding. Metallic wires, and pipes potrude from several open wounds on its form, though the most deadly feature of the creature is its head, where there seems to be a large pistol barrell sticking out from, fused in with its very flesh.
You may not make it in time to the gun, for the beast, the gun man, is already facing you, looking at you with black, beady eyes which appear to be smashed deep into its head. Dear god! What now!?