A Tale of Two Choices

A look of fury flashes across Edmumd's flushed face.

"How DARE you, you little guttersnipe. I'll see to it that you and your wretched little cousin suffer for what you have done. NOBODY rejects Edmund Withenstrop."
All the while Edmund speaks, he tears around the room, breaking lamps, pulling pictures from the wall and finally, with a burst of incandescent rage, pulls the blankets and pillows from the bed.
With a final growl of rage, Edmund storms from the bedroom leaving the terrified Caroline weeping in the corner. Caroline hears Edmund roaring down the corridor, for all to hear "Where is that damn housekeeper! That little wretch of a maid assaulted me! She assaulted me because I rejected her advances! Violent little devil! Housekeeper! Housekeeper! Where are you!"
The sound of Edmund's tirade fades as he progresses down the long corridor to the kitchens and the Housekeeper's quarters. "I'll be thrown from the house for certain if Mrs Biggins believes his story" Caroline thought to herself "It's clear to me what I have to do"