A Tale of Two Choices

"Oh sir, you are too unkind," whimpered Caroline as she moved closer to Edmund in a sultry way. "I am sure that you could do anything, given the right motivation."

Caroline licked her finger, reached it up to Edmund's face and stroked his nose and lips. Edmund coughed uncomfortably and loosened his bow tie.

"Ooh it is hot in here isn't it," agreed Caroline, unbuttoning the front of her Crinolene dress, revealing ample cleavage. "You look awfully warm in that dinner jacket. Why not slip it off?"

Edmund needed little encouragement and removed his jacket, looking expectantly at Caroline.

"Now, before I make myself more comfortable, what about that promotion?" asked Caroline.

"But it would mean having to let Susan go and she has been here since before I was born."

"And that matters?" said Caroline, bending forwards a little.