A Tale of Two Choices

"This locket means a great deal to me and I thought it had been lost. I last saw it several months ago. If you can tell me who stole it from me, I will let you have that reward."

Dorothea replied, "I found it, sir, in the work room. It was by my chair."

"Well, someone must have stolen it. I very rarely go in that room," snapped Mr. Trystell. "I want you to find out who."

All this time Noah looked on open mouthed. He had never seen this locket before and the idea of a reward to a mere orphan was alien to him. He quickly snuck out of the room.

"Sir, if I can find out how you lost this locket, be it stolen or otherwise, what will be my reward?" asked Dorothea.

Mr. Trystell replied...