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Gotham's Story

Time, cruel as it is, does not stop. Dick and Tim have given up their respective costumes and found their place in the world. Barbara maintains the peace as commissioner, but spends more time at her desk than in the field. Alfred, he- well, he passed on. Without his help, you could not manage Wayne Industries as well, so you partnered with the Powers monopoly. Derek Powers knows more about running a business than you and he gives you the privacy and freedom you desire.
Night after night, you look out the windows of Wayne Manor at the once beautiful city of Gotham. The age of super heroes and vilains is long past, and on its heels has arisen the age of stagnation and apathy. Gotham, while sleek and technologically advanced on the outside, reeks with corruption that seeps into the soul of every citizen. Some of the youth have taken to calling themselves Jokerz in homage to homicidal maniac that they call a visionary rebel. Gotham lacks what it once had: Hope.
Tonight like all nights, you sit in your chair by the window and mourn the city that was. A proximity alarm drags you from your ponderings and you look at the security cameras to see a group of teenagers on soundless motorcycles, chasing a lone cycle up the hill to your residence. You walk out the front of Wayne Manor to see better. The young man that was being chased abandons his vehicle as he reaches the dead end of your estate gates. The pursuers, you discover, are Jokerz armed with bats and chains and gruesome looking items that are most likely weapons as well. It's a six to one battle and you begin to give up on the boy, when you see him fight back. His form is rough, but he holds his ground with astounding skill. For a time, the Jokerz are held back, but you can see them gaining the advantage; the numbers are too much for the boy. You know you shoudn't, but you also know that you still have the ability left in your body to help him. Would it be worth it?

You have 2 choices: