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Gotham's Story

Your name is Bruce Wayne and you have had the best day of your life. 10th birthday parties can be fun, but it just so happens that your parents are the wealthiest couple in Gotham. Your day began at the hospital where your father works, then your parents took you to the toystore and then your favorite restaurant. Finally, the day was complete when the three of you went to an old movie theatre to see a Zorro movie. There was something about that masked hero that always made you excited, so you begin to display your fencing prowess as you all left the theatre. This day far surpassed last years birthday in the emergency room. You still wince as you remember falling into the cave outside your family's garden, and you shiver at the thought of those bats...
But today is different. Today, life is perfect.
Though your father is wealthy, your parents always prefer to walk home rather than take a taxi. However, this night, the way home is blocked by a large, loud parade of people.
"Must be the Chinese New Year," your father proclaims. "If you want, Bruce, we could take the alleyway to go around?"