The Ring of Time

Sure, you'd thought about it before - time manipulation. You'd thought about how you would run time forward, backward, slower, faster, even stopping time if the situation so called for it. You had worked out the means in your imagination as well - a simple golden ring, much like the wedding band you normally wear, only supernaturally embued with the powers you'd already created in your head. Yes, you'd thought of such things before, but never... ever... considered it could happen - until today.

You arrived home to find your wife and two daughters absent from their normal places. Assuming your blushing bride was running errands, you headed upstairs to the bedroom to get some much needed rest after a long day's work. You noticed that the bed was made (unusual for your pregnant wife, who has been abnormally tired with this third pregnancy), but even more unsettling was the presence of a small box in the center of the neatly made bed.

It was a cedar box with a glossy cherry finish and golden edges and legs. The top was open to reveal a red silken interior and a red velvet ornamental finger in the midst of it offering up a ring that appeared much like your wedding band. Close beside the box was a simple card that read, "Enjoy" in a handwriting that you didn't recognize.

It was then that you noticed that the wedding band you had had on all day and had not taken off (to your knowledge) was now MISSING. This brings us up to the present.

What will you do?