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The lurker

In the mist of dawn the air smelled of gas and beer. The drunks walked around this town bumping into each other. Drug dealers favorite time of day was at night because they got the most amount of costumers. New York was falling the buildings rotting slowly and carelessly. The police stayed in the station, afraid to go out anymore. They stayed their all night even while their wifves and children called. They know feared the criminals, but they feared the monsters the most.

New yorkers gave him the name of the NYC demon. No one knew of his past or his plan for the criminals that disappear, they only see a giant monster. The people unlucky to see him say he wears a old trench coat and they remember his face. His face is pitch black with red eyes and smoke coming from his mouth. They believe he breaths fire, but no one knows, not ever the criminals that are left from him.

You laugh at what people think of you. A monster, a devil, a man with a death wish. You know they are all wrong. You just came in from a daily hunt and brought in 3 thugs. You know you are getting closer and closer to the mob lord. He has been your prey ever since you first started hunting. You need to get some information out of them a easy and fun way or the brutal way.

You have 2 choices: