Behind The Shield

You punch the gas and the Z28 takes off reaching 0-60 in a wink of an eye. You arrive on hwy 54 and find the perfect lil place to set up radar at the bottom of the hill, a mile from O'Flannagans night club. Your sittin waitin awhile when over the police radio you here a BOLO "all units, all units, be on lookout for a black caddilac, occupied possibly by 2 columbians same should be traveling possibly north on hwy 54, same are wanted for the possible robbery of J's conveniant store." You feel the blood rush thru your veins as you think they may be heading your way. Just as the radio transmission ends, your radar starts blinkin as a 2003 Ferrari Spider flys by doin 70mph drivin by a blonde who's hair is blown back from the convertable top being down.