A Renaissance Nightmare

A crimson sky settles over a sea of trees as you approach the opening weekend for the Texas Renaissance Festival. You are accompanied by your friend Chuck, a tall, crazy-eyed girl, and her long-haired brother, Noraa. The two could be twins if it weren’t for the two-year age gap. Chuck is driving and bickering with Noraa about which way to go. “We’re supposed to go straight remember?” “But there’s a sign right there saying to turn for the campgrounds,” Noraa responds. The two stubborn siblings argue for a bit longer while Chuck hard-headedly drives in the wrong direction for fifteen minutes. You can tell you are in for a weekend of battles between these two, but that doesn’t bother you. You are filled to the brim with excitement! This year promises just as much fun as the previous years, and you are even more prepared than ever with your backpack full of Jack Daniel’s honey whiskey and purple kush.
As you approach the entrance to the campgrounds, the vehicle is stopped by a very realistic-looking knight. “Halt! In name of the King, I demand to see ye permit for entering the premises,” the knight barks. “Wow!” you think, “They’ve really gone all out this year.” Sure, you have seen knights at the Renaissance Festival before, but they usually just have standard security at the campground entrance for collecting tickets. You can already tell this will be a year that you will never forget.
“I’m gonna try and park as close to the bonfire as possible,” Chuck says. “No way, dude – too many cops. Our best bet is to go towards the back so that we’ll be more secluded,” Noraa replies. “But the party is always at the bonfire!” Chuck exclaims. You think about it for a minute. Last time you parked away from the bonfire, you did feel a little distant from the party. But it would be nice to have a quiet secluded place in case things get out of hand at the bonfire.