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Behind The Shield

You report to the room of the vice squad. its like no other office, its a bit of a mess, a naked girl poster plasters against the back of the door you walked in from, a group of guys sit around a table tossin cards and smoking. "Umm excuse me" you say i'm here to report for vice as a new agent. One guy looks up at ya. not with a uniform your not.You head for the locker room change into blue jeans and a black leather jacket with some sunglasses and report back. "Ok kid we could use a new face deals are kinda gettin low around here."he says to you."My name is Sarge Vic
these are the other guys you will be working with, George and Jason." Jason starts strapping you up with a wire."Listen, if you ever need help just say 'this is crazy' we'll hear ya and come bustin in." Vic looks at ya and tells ya their are two bust they been trying to bring don for awhile now and ask what would you be better at doin?