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Suzy’s Strange Saga

Even if you did manage to find a job, it wouldn’t change the fact that you’ll still have to put up with Kelly’s abuse. She’d just bitch at you for something else. She will always find an excuse.

With that in mind, you realize that your options are limited. You’re going to have to move out and go live at the only place available to an unemployed bum like yourself, your friend Julie’s house.

Chances are she’s either passed out, hung over or in the middle of yet another one of her seemingly never ending parties, so you figure calling her will be useless and call your sister Donna instead (who might only be slightly more available)

Ignoring Bobby’s calls, you speed dial Donna and surprisingly she picks up after only a couple of rings. Even more surprisingly you don’t hear any music or noise in the background. Must’ve caught a rare in between party time.

“Hello? Suzy?” Donna asks.
“Yeah, it’s me.” You answer.
“Hey haven’t spoken to you in awhile! How are things? Not too bad I hope?”
“Well…yeah they are kinda. I just got my ass chewed out by Kelly. (Sigh) She’s saying I have to find a job by the end of the week or she’s throwing me out.”
“Yeah sounds like her.”
“You know how hard it is for me to find a job. I just don’t think it’s going to happen by the end of the week and in any case I don’t think I can take her abuse any longer. I’m done.”
“Well you shouldn’t have to put up with her shit. She’s a fucking bullying bitch! I mean that’s certainly why I left.”
“Yeah so I was wondering, could I move in with you and Julie?”

There’s a bit of a pause.

“Well…I mean sure you could come here. I wouldn’t mind and I mean you know Julie would be fine with it, but I know you’re not exactly miss fun and excitement and I think you’re aware of how wild things can get over here.” Donna says.
“Yeah, but anything is better than continuing to live with Kelly right now, and given how big Julie’s home is, I’m sure I can still find a quiet corner to not bother anyone in.” you respond.
“Okay, well as long as you don’t because a buzz killing party pooper, you’re more than welcome to stay here. So are you coming today?”
“I think I need to pack up quite a bit of stuff before doing that. I also have to have some way of transporting the stuff over. I dunno, maybe I can borrow Peter’s car or something.”
“What about Bobby?”
“Uh, no, I’m still not speaking with him at this time. Besides, he’d probably just try to convince me to live in his compound and I’m just not in the mood to deal.”
“Hrm. I certainly understand that. Well, since you said you’re going to have to spend a little time packing up your stuff, I can come pick you up tomorrow. I’d do it today, but the vehicle situation isn’t ideal right now. Got someone repairing my car right now and Julie’s vehicle… well let’s say it’s going to be even longer before . It was quite the part last Friday.”
“I’ll bet. Well that sounds like it’ll work for me. When will you get here?”
“Oh probably sometime in the afternoon. I’ll call before hand.”
“Okay, well I guess I’ll see you then.”
“I’ll let Julie know, she’ll be pretty excited.”

At this point you say goodbye to your sister and you hang up.

You get to packing up as many of your vital things as possible. Really it doesn’t take you too long at all. You didn’t own too much stuff, and stuff like furniture or a bed is going to be provided at Julie’s house though you wonder if you shouldn’t move your bed over there if only because the beds over there are probably like petri dishes.

In any event, you spend the rest of your night in the basement, which will probably be your last night ever here. It seems weird and scary, but on another level you are a little excited. Maybe it was time for a change.

Who knows, maybe you’ll indulge in a little partying yourself when you get to your new home, hell if anyone deserves to let loose a little its certainly you.

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