Life in the old country had become too rough for you and your family. Beset by constant famine and fierce blizzards, the final straw came to you when the Imperial army came and conquered. You never fought in the war, you could care less. A farmer, a working man at heart you never paid no mind who was in control of this or that. It never mattered much to you as long as you had buyers to sell your meager crops to. But now, this new empire imposed more taxes and tolls then you could stand. It was time to leave.

Luckily you had done your research and known many families who had made the trek across the sea to the new world, a continent they called Haj-Zema or the land of bounty. A few generations had passed so the land was settled, but still wild. Still mysterious to many. You heard rumors of strange beast people that had warred with the new settlers, but that was many years ago and you believed now to be the perfect time to start a new life in this new land of opportunity.

Nearly every last coin of yours is spent to pay way for the trip. You sell the oxen, horses, cows and pigs to the newly designated imperial market. Their ridiculous fees to sell within their territories leaves you with but a quarter of what you had originally paid for the beasts. To hell with this country you think, but at least you have some spending money in the new world.

Gathering your wife Helena, young daughter Vel and bull mastiff Slobbers you board the ship for Haj-Zeema with a small amount of belongings. You plan to acquire your own farm through time, patience and hard work. Spirits are high within your family as apparently the new land is not plagued with constant famine so you all discuss your favorite meals you will be able to eat once you arrive.

The trip takes about a month, giving you time to make friends with some of the ships crew who have made the journey half a dozen times. What you learn excites and terrifies you. They tell you that life in Haj-Zeema is a bit more primitive than the old country. Tribes have arisen and picking a camp quickly is key. They say most tribes are more than willing to expand their numbers to gain influence. Oftentimes setting up new families with their own land and animals so they can begin to contribute. The sailors do mention that some tribes are slavers and will capture greenhorns at opportune moments.

The last thing they tell you is that apparently there are horrid monsters that live in the new world and in somewhat close proximity of various settlements. You ask what they know about these monsters. They say they've never seen them with their own eyes but sometimes at night they can hear terrified screams that grow fainter as the beasts drag them away into the forest. There is never any blood and the people who are taken are never seen again.

These statements worry you, but sailors tend to be a superstitious lot so it doesn't worry you too much. The talk of slavers is what concerns you most, so you will make sure to arm yourself quickly once you depart in the port town.

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