Doctor Who

Jackie welcomes you both with open arms but there's clearly something on her mind. She tells you both over dinner.

"...well I didn't really want to say anything but...something strange has been going on around the estate. You'd think I was mad if I told you."

She's piqued your interest.

"Go on..."

"Well", she says, "I keep getting phone calls in the middle of the night...and when I pick up a voice says 'Donaldson 557' and the phone line goes dead. I tried 1471 but the number wasn't just withheld, it was like no-one had even called. I tried the phone company, same thing. They don't have any record of a call being made."

"That is odd", you say.

"Yeah and it's not just me either. Trish down the road keeps getting one similar to that, same time of night but different name and number."

"It's okay mum", says Rose "we'll soon get to the bottom of this."

But where to start