Doctor Who

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by dfalan on Nov 6, 2008
Way too many loose ends
by Ghizzard on May 26, 2008
Sooooo msny loose ends....
by Ghizzard on May 26, 2008
They're right. The potential is there, but you definitely got lazy with this one.
by ChubbyTeletubby on Dec 22, 2005
To many loose ends and relatively short rooms earned the minus 4. Everything else was alright. Defenitely a lot of potential with this story
by YazZMaN on Sep 22, 2005
I am sorry because I know you put effort in this, but there are too many loose ends.

Plus, Doctor Who commercials are on all the time during Simpsons they piss me off. I bet you're from Canada.
by jeffisthebest on Aug 11, 2005
The potential is there, but the rooms could use more description. Making a choice, especialy in sci-fi, with only one sentence having been read is like shooting your enemy in the dark. Describe things and consider combining rooms and describing what's going on so that the reader can make a logical choice. Keep writing though. I just recommend going over what you have written and using the edit button to improve it.
by donteatpoop on Aug 2, 2005

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