Here are some tips to lead you through the story:
-There are three men available in each storyline. Two will come easily to you, but one will have to be unlocked! You can also "lose" this dating sim by ending it with nobody. So be careful what you say and do.
-Successful interactions with each character give you "hearts" with him, but keep in mind that the game will start drawing to a close when you reach three hearts with a man.
-The chapters aren't consecutive, so don't freak out if you jump from Chapter 6 to Chapter 38 to Chapter 120, or something like that. It's 449 chapters total.
-There will be a map at the bottom of the chapter every so often. It will be a handy reference at certain points.
-Let me know if you find any incorrect loops or mistakes in the story or if you have any questions about the game.

For generations, the Kingdom of Vallasea has been a relatively peaceful land. But everything changed when the Kingdom of Ashta attacked. No one is safe while the two greatest powers in the region are at war...

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