The Quest of a Warrior Princess.

You take your sword out of your sheath and creep tword the bush. You quickly spread your arm through the bush and find yourself pointing your sword at a man holding a knife. he raises his arms and drops his wepon. "please, I meant no harm" "lies", you say in a harsh tone of voice You can tell that he is examining you closely, looking for an opening to attack. You draw your blade closer to his throat. "who sent you" you ask patiently. "I was sent by no one, I am in the forest hunting bear for their hides" you scowl at him for a while and he then admits his purpose. "I am sorry princess, I was hired by the Mage Zen to kill you". "why" you ask. "I don't know, They only explained that they wanted you dead" "were can I find this Zen" you say. "You can find him by following this forest in the direction you were going. he has an unusal large castle, you can't miss it. now please, spare me, I have told you what you needed to know"