Amnesia the dark descent part 1

This is not a choose your own adventure this is a terryifing story. I woke up in a daze in a place I have never seen before. Not knowing who I am I opened a door and found a tinderbox I picked it up it might come in handy. suddenly the candle light went out I felt like I was slowly losing my sanity I felt frightened so I lit the candle with my tinderbox. I exited the room then I started to feel dizzy I fell to the ground. Trying to get my head straight after a minute of laying on the floor I got up and went towards the giant door. I tried to open it but it wouldnt budge I had to find another way out of this place. I had went thourgh endless hallways. until I came to a room with a lantern I picked up the lantern and went into the next room. I saw a note on the desk and a jar of oil.

You have 1 choice: