Amnesia the dark descent part 1

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Erm.. I have mixed feelings about this. However the writing and voice of this story is good, there is no choice in the story. It is more of a short story with continue options. However the writing is good, based on amnesia.
by NightshadeX9 on Aug 9, 2013
Um this is okay, but this site is for choose your own adventures only. So I'm giving it a "4".
by Lackofmop on Jun 30, 2013
i thought it was well written but the fact that the only choice was comment
by werecat101 on Jun 22, 2013
Need lesser choice
by Dan2 on May 18, 2013
by ramlod on May 10, 2013
by ramlod on May 1, 2013
this stoy is the best stoy i ever read you r so good you shad make maer and i bet you will be a star ane way you r a best stoy retar better than this pepole thiar sacks and you will be amzing and amzing each time you make more amzing we will best budes for ever.
by shelod on Apr 29, 2013
Please rate and comment I just do this to see if I have any comments
by ramlod on Apr 28, 2013
by ramlod on Apr 27, 2013
by ramlod on Apr 26, 2013
your a great writer you should make more stories this story is great
by shelod on Apr 26, 2013

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