The Country from Hell

Loose Ends

There are 9 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
114688 How bad can an oafish ticket inspector be? Stay put and see if you can reason, or beat, your way out of this. 57672
114691 Follow her! Imagine being able to tell your friends that you got it on with a blonde American babe! 57674
114704 Steal the part. Frosties have no right to do business in your country anyway 57683
114706 Give up and go home. There is no luck for you today. 57684
115032 Drag yourself to the bar with your friend. It's all about the small pleasures, after all. 57864
119539 Get high and forget your troubles 60219
119540 Find a hospital before you get infected 60219
129376 Shut off the phone and enjoy an evening of blissful ignorance 65138
129377 Something horrible has happened. You need to face your fate 65138