The Country from Hell

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that is a good story I recommend you adding on to the story and instead of making a paragraph chunk it down to smaller paragraphs
by jade131934 on Mar 23, 2017
It may not be MY country from Hell, but once again you've created an elaborate world with a main character who has real emotions.

I don't know what your inspiration was for this story, but it seems...genuinely inspired. Custia and all.

My thread ended with a kiss from Szil in the cemetery at night. Teehee.

Seriously, though. I enjoyed the sweet ending to the thread I read.
by ChubbyTeletubby on Apr 22, 2016
by Artazansss on Sep 24, 2011
by Infinate on Apr 28, 2010
I liked it alot. The prose is good. Especially on the last page in the 'route' I took. The one with the sunset by the Moses. The general mood of despair and hopelessness and the rampant corruption adds to the hellishness. Reminded me of India at times.
by thoric on Nov 6, 2008
Very original and interesting. Good job on this!
by Cat2000 on Aug 9, 2008
by Locke on Jul 10, 2008
Profound. This story sets the bar high for future writers. The setting is alive and breathing and is as much a part of the story as the characters themselves. Brilliant work, Ves. Have my babies?
by donteatpoop on Jul 9, 2008
Solid story. Creative, original, and well executed.
by apotheosis on Jul 9, 2008

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