Gurl PowR!

Loose Ends

There are 16 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
104570 Prove you can do better than Garrett by finding someone hotter and owning him! 52818
105188 Shop for shoes online. A girl can never have too many shoes! 53185
113307 Watch Oprah's show about incestuous child molestation 57021
113308 Watch Dr. Phil's show about incestuous child molestation 57021
144841 Go get a new manicure? 73245
146194 Go get a mani and pedi with Gina 74119
146976 Decide to secretly hook up with Ryan and finally get good sex 74547
146977 Set him up with Gina so she can finally get a good boyfriend and real sex 74547
208298 Pick up the phone! You feel bad that you ignored his call earlier. 106436
208299 Pick up the phone! You don't want to look like a B**** ! 106436
208300 Ignore it. Mysterious Hottie is probably way better than Garret. 106436
208301 Ignore it. He shouldn't be calling you at work, anyway. 106436
208302 "Accidentally" drop your phone. Oopsie! 106436
350506 You feel it go up inside of you, and decide to go to the hospital. 186723
350507 You leave, go to the food court, and eat a bunch of girl foods. 186723
350508 Call Garrett back and say you have an entire Gucci tracksuit stuck in your puss. 186723