Loose Ends

There are 16 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
273238 You weave your way around it. 144567
273364 Harsh but fair, plus there is little you can do. Take it. 144660
273367 Accept your place in life here. 144663
273368 Grab your loin cloth and use it as a sling shot with a new rock! 144663
273404 Male 144691
273405 Female 144691
273556 Let’s try out our dexterity, go for the window! 144802
273582 They will never change, to stop them I must kill them now. It’s all for good. 144822
273583 No, I will kill no more! It’s best I don’t get involved. It would change nothing 144822
281438 Green, I think a more camouflage color would be best despite advice. 148826
281439 White, if I make it to a leader role it will leave me distinguished. 148826
281440 Brown, are the wizards really that strong? 148826
281445 Go along with the group as it is, for now anyway. 148828
281482 Return to the camp. 148853
281495 Confront and kill the commander to take his place! 148863
281496 Leave it, these troops are useless anyway! 148863