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sorry i meant to suggest "kidnapped not kidnaped". Good story.
by sansevieria on Dec 11, 2011
Not bad. Great concept - Killing Barney never gets old.

That said, a few suggestions. One, check the grammar/spelling on a few pages - for instance, "kidnapped" not kidnapped, and "you're fired" not "your fired".

Also, a little more gore would make this story even more awesome.

Pretty good though!
by sansevieria on Dec 11, 2011
by Artazansss on Sep 25, 2011
My rating was completely off target..Sorry. 4 is one number less than average and I've rated good stories at the same level...This deserves at most..A 2.

by TheCandyMan on Jul 23, 2011's a very err..unique story!
OK I'll cut the bullcrap, the grammar was poor, and the plot was completely random, but I suppose it's good for a kid. With my unique exceptional generosity, I'll give you a 4.
by TheCandyMan on May 13, 2011
First, let's start you off with a 10.
-6 for horrible grammar.
-4 for very little humor.
+3 for killing Dora.
by magic on May 15, 2010
"he tells you that barney is a gay pervert and he needs to be killed."

How old are you?
by apotheosis on Mar 9, 2009
The story was interesting to say the least. Whith more than one sentance per room, and better grammar... This could be good.
by Leblanc4prez on Aug 11, 2008
Why I found this story hilarious and refreshing is a mystery.
by Alejate on Jun 15, 2008
Hey, Elmo is awesome. Imma eat you alife.
Oh, and the substance in my...

Well many things has more substance than this.

Grammar, plot, and more than one sentence rooms please.
by Calen on Jun 10, 2008
by GHMaster on Jun 3, 2008
this is perfect, i have always wanted to do this!
by GHMaster on Jun 3, 2008

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