Forest Dweller

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I had it on good authority from a friend that THIS was THE story to check out beyond the first page of top-rated stories. I am beary glad that I did! This wooded idyll reminds me so of my own forest dreams. The very blood of my veins seems to tingle with the wisdom contained within your prose. You understand the ways of the wood, of the fey, and of all the living creatures. I salute you!
by BearBipolarBear on Apr 14, 2012
Awesome work. I love how I can get so drawn to it. It's very uniquely done! I respectfully agree with Donteatpoop. You are most likely one of the best writers on here. Your efforts are applauded. Well done! :D
by TheCandyMan on May 18, 2011
Calen, this story is damn near close to flawless. Really awesome work.
by KatieWroteIt on Jan 26, 2009
To much bible and mystical mix-up.

But all and all this is a great story.
by Jilles13 on Dec 28, 2008
by Kyylick on Sep 26, 2008
This story made me feel as if I was actually in it!

10/10! You deserve it.
by Adamented on Jul 24, 2008
This is, hands down, one of the best stories on the site. I think I've said it to you before, and I'm going to say it again; you are one of the best writers on here. It's great to see you continue to develope. Keep up the great work.
by donteatpoop on Apr 22, 2008
LeBlanc: Again... I rate 10.

Fergy Fudgehog: I would rate it 5 as it lacks candy.
by Leblanc4prez on Apr 21, 2008
This is one of my favorite works of fantasy on the site. It is very well written, with a lyrical quality throughout and a logic all its own which helped to draw me into its unique world. I can't wait to see what you will create next.
by Vesnicie on Apr 20, 2008
This is AderuMoro! As the first story I've read on this site, I'd have to say it's interested me enough to make my own account and I'm even considering starting my own little story, as odd, time consuming, and confusing as it may be.

Anyhoo, I liked the story ^_^ Sometimes I got a little sidetracked so I couldn't stick with the storyline all the time because I haven't eaten a little while. Oh but there were a few typos, like uncapitalized "i's" and at times Ayla's name was typed "Alya." You've given this Adam character quite a few deaths and I was determined to get to the end without dying until I got to a screen that said that I needed to log in. How odd.

Anyhoo, good job ^_^
by AdelleYeung on Aug 14, 2007

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