Pokemon Adventure!

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by FictionLV on Oct 31, 2018
I wanted that Charmander ;-;
by FictionLV on Oct 28, 2018
by RishiAmador on Nov 6, 2014
by DanniT on Jun 27, 2013
by mayanightstar on Nov 25, 2010
by asheel on Jun 24, 2009
by dami5864697 on Jun 13, 2009
by pokedude3 on May 17, 2009
by superarkam on Mar 21, 2009
by SetsunaFSeiei on Jul 6, 2008
Quality is highly varied.
Mostly not so good.
by MegaProto on Jun 26, 2008
That was so... dumb. The first choices were pointless (why bother letting us choose Pokemon when the only one we can actually choose is Squirtle... well, I dunno, I haven't tried Pikachu... but still, wtf, you get my point). When there are choices, make sure the reader DOES have a choice, or you miss the point.
by Alejate on Jun 11, 2008
by DSDude999 on May 30, 2008
This story isnt really that good, it could be better. It has weird choices
by happyhak on Apr 19, 2008
I wish I could give this a negative rating. Pokemon is the ultimate in mind-numbing garbage and I can't say much for the people who create or contribute to this sort of crap.
by Vesnicie on Jan 24, 2008
by dnewton on Jan 24, 2008
Man, I was just fucking round when I made the funny pages. (I thought Undertakerjoe would delete them)

Is it because of me you all helped to rape this story of it's inocence?
by Leblanc4prez on Oct 12, 2007
This was funny!
by Adamented on Jul 29, 2007
by Armando322 on Jul 17, 2007
so bad its good!
by Plastic on Jun 3, 2007
by grassybulb on Feb 5, 2007
by truc on Nov 28, 2006
Check my rooms, they rule!
by Leblanc4prez on Sep 3, 2006
by apotheosis on Jul 14, 2006
Can I be the stupid Pokemon? Oh... I guess you've already given us that option.
by donteatpoop on Oct 17, 2005
The Pokemon craze is something I like to pretend never happened. Kinda like how some people say there was no holocaust.
by ChubbyTeletubby on Mar 10, 2005
pretty good, much better than the other pokemon adventure
by jeffisthebest on Sep 19, 2004
It would ROCK if you would finish it yourself w/o all these @$#&ing "write it yourself" things popping up CONSTANTLY.
by Huitt3 on Jul 21, 2004

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