The Paradox Factor

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by kaykime on Jul 16, 2015
by Madbrad200 on May 19, 2014
Amazing :O
by laughingcloset on Mar 22, 2014
This is without a doubt the best story I've read on the site so far. I gave it a nine because someone might make a better story one day, but for now, this is the best story I've read. I think I've pieced pretty much the whole story together.
by subty13 on Nov 18, 2013
by Keter on Sep 5, 2012
by Futurecast on Dec 29, 2011
Wow..I've nearly managed to uncover what's happened. Truly amazing. There's this 'I need to know what's going on! Why was Bill pointing his gun at me?' Thought flooding my brain, forcing me to click through what I think I don't know and look through this guy's memories..
by TheCandyMan on Jun 3, 2011
by Celvis on Aug 18, 2010
by bsal on Feb 2, 2010
Absolutely wonderful, in every way.One of maybe three stories where i have actually bonded with the characters and felt true wonder as I read. There should be more story's of this quality in the world.
by AStreamOfStars on Jan 20, 2010
Poor monkey
by cappstv on Jan 19, 2010
Wonderful. I can't say anything else.
by Milianotus on Oct 23, 2009
I read this story years ago, forgot to rate it. The best story I've read on this site. 10/10.
by urnam0 on Jul 29, 2009
I've read through everything, I think, and am still confused by what's going on - but that only makes the story better, I think. You did a great job on this!
by Cat2000 on Aug 9, 2008
by Hagbard on Mar 13, 2008
by Riven on Mar 9, 2008
i like where the story is going but i could piece some things together at the end. if anyone could help me send me a PM please.
by jtoya85 on Nov 15, 2007
by Duruke on Oct 9, 2007
Wow this story is pretty good!!! Took awhile and it is very interesting, I like it very much
by deltasabre on Oct 3, 2007
Wow. I think I got the story and It's AWESOME! :D
by Xane on Jul 17, 2007
I had been avoiding this one for awhile out of sheer intimidation. I'm glad I finally got around to it.

My usual gripe would be to beef up the narrative more, but I understand this would be inappropriate in a "fragmented" story such as this one.

What the story lacks in purely literary merits is made up for in complex orchestration and a very successful use of the CYOA format for "The Memento Factor".
by Vesnicie on Jun 24, 2007
Woah... This is with out a doubt the best Sci-Fi story on this site. I love things that make all three of my brains tingle with confusion and thought. God dam I love you!
by Leblanc4prez on Jun 17, 2007
An utterly bizarre flawed masterpiece.
by Futurecast on Dec 26, 2006
A good story having to do with advanced theoretical quantum physics and a puzzle all in one! A 10 for sure.
by apotheosis on Aug 18, 2006
This is by far the most brilliant story I've read on this site, hands down.
by Drano5050 on Aug 12, 2006
This is a very well written story. Very confusing but you wrote in the beginning that it was supposed to be that way.
by dnukem on May 18, 2006
A brilliant idea with poor execution is a scourge. The reader of this story will always be thinking the exposition could be more fluid, the narratives clearer, and the descriptions ARE allowed to make sense and be cumulative, even in a Sci-Fi memory/time travel story. This is like a succulent filet mignon with all the trimmings served in a dirty dog dish.
Nearly inexcusable.
by michaelrayholt on Aug 12, 2005
by MagicalMuggle on Jul 19, 2005
I think I get it! I really think I get it! Very good story--very tricky too. Initially, I was completely confused and ready to give up, but then something clicked and I began to start putting the pieces together. Anyway, I have to say, you are brilliant, dude.
by MagicalMuggle on Jul 19, 2005
I don't know how I missed this story before. Very original. A little TOO fragmented, in my opinion, but I can't bring myself to dock you a point for that.
by ChubbyTeletubby on Jul 10, 2005
by YazZMaN on Jul 5, 2005
Very well written. Nice job.
by donteatpoop on Jun 2, 2005
by luckysnake23 on Mar 23, 2005
I think when you end the story, you should include a summary for the confused reader. Just to tie down any loose ends.

Confusing or not, this was an awesome story.
by MiniCorr on Jan 26, 2005
This is quite simply the best story on this site. It is very confusing, and intentionally so. I'm a fan of the time travel sub-genre of scifi and this story is professional quality. Good job!
by EnderWiggin on Jan 3, 2005
Good story that works well with the format. It got a little confusing though--you really need to be careful and read every single entry, which ended forcing me to struggle to remember what I'd selected and what I hadn't. I think if the story had been spelled out just a little bit more, my own personal feelings of frustration would have been lessened.
by DavidSky on Jan 2, 2005
I don't know how you thought of this while you were half-sleeping, but its good, very good.
by jeffisthebest on Dec 22, 2004
Excellent use of cyoa format, really captures the first person pov of an amnesiac.
by AlphaDog on Nov 29, 2004
Well done! Excellent use of the online format to allow the reader to experience the disorientation of the unfortunate protagonist. Very disturbing without being graphic.

The best story on this site that I've read.
by AlphaDog on Nov 29, 2004
Dude, holy shit... very nice idea, incredible writing, and the story is just so fun... This IS the best story on the site I have read so far (and I have read many). This reminds of several movies I have seen. The only flaw was that there wasn't 'quite' so much gameplay as I had hoped for.
by Karold on Nov 13, 2004
by Ravenchild on Nov 4, 2004
Seriously, this person is one of the best storytellers I have ever encountered. What a mind job.....
by TerrapinKing on Aug 17, 2004
by Ziff26966 on Aug 10, 2004
by baz on Aug 6, 2004
by Spider1234 on Jul 23, 2004
Very interesting story
by Spider1234 on Jul 23, 2004
All I can say is "Wow!"

That was a very cool story. It took some doing, but I think I managed to piece it all together.
by WarlordRak on Jul 13, 2004

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