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Here is a small preview from the story I'm working on. The current working title is "Honour Amongst Thieves" although the way the story is going that will most likely change.

"A cold and melancholy air was stagnant in the eastern slums of Paris. Daniel was dead, and no flood of tears was going to bring him back. He who had closed his eyes in horror began to scream god's words in what little time remained. The floor opened from beneath, and unlike others who'd suffered such an end his neck stayed apiece. This young man was not entitled to a quick, and glorious death. Instead he was prolonged and demeaned to a slow, quiet hanging.

Few had attended; his friends had no wish to see him die for they cared too much. The noble sloths, and the fascist guards had no wish to see for they cared too little. As the last breath passed out of his body no words were spoken, no thoughts were shared. He was cut from the post and carried away to be burnt.