Blind Date

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by hayliegrey on Mar 31, 2019
I lost with two answers. Great!
by MrBastian on Mar 26, 2019
I had my fair share of laughs out of this one.
by NotyourProtag on Nov 9, 2018
by Paula on Nov 8, 2018
by SaneKittens on Oct 29, 2018
by SaneKittens on Oct 29, 2018
Very good - I laughed multiple times. Isn't that the point of a humor story?
by Drew8521 on May 9, 2018
One of the greatest stories I have ever read!Great job!
by CrystalDragon on Apr 4, 2018
by ShyKitsune on Mar 28, 2018
by Matman2013 on Jul 21, 2017
by K15Marie on Jan 28, 2017
It's amazing, loved it.
by Dorsen on Mar 25, 2016
by edowaffles on Nov 22, 2015
by CrimsonFunHouse on Oct 21, 2015
Oops... tried explaining the crumpled up shirt comment to Sara just to see what would happen... Epic fail for SparklingBeavis
by SparklingBeavis on Aug 16, 2015
Yay! After a gazillion tries, I finally got the girl!
by SparklingBeavis on Aug 12, 2015
No offense to the original effort. I want to see something new at the top of the page.
by Pelyphin on Mar 4, 2015
Bad ass :)
by NevermoreSorrow on Jan 10, 2015
by FallingRockStar on Nov 28, 2014
Woohoo! Can't believe I didn't screw it up.
Really fun story. Make one for a girl maybe?
by RishiAmador on Nov 6, 2014
by DetectiveAlfred on Sep 13, 2014
by Drakoblare on Jul 12, 2014
For a time killer it is a good story. The writing is good and it is funny.
by jcury on May 15, 2014
Need to make more!
by Beautifullife00 on Mar 20, 2014
love it
by werecat101 on Jul 20, 2013
by Lackofmop on Jul 5, 2013
Haha, this was awesome! I died of laughter when Granny had a heart attack omg my bad
by BellaTrix16 on Jun 2, 2013
This is one of the best ive read it is REALLY GOOD
by ramlod on Apr 2, 2013
by Clark on Mar 6, 2013
by Clark on Mar 6, 2013
Hahaha. What a great story! I kept purposely going back to hit the wrong choices to read them. :-)
by SlasherFan on Jan 19, 2013
by justbeingme on Jun 8, 2012
by playa988 on Jun 1, 2012
by playa988 on May 27, 2012
Very fun.I thought I had her in the bag! I thought giving such a HUGE tip would make her think im generous.Turns out *that* backfired!
by Janina on May 4, 2012
by Elliste on Apr 23, 2012
Love it. This is a hilarious and catchy story.
by Kandle on Feb 15, 2012
Great story, lot of choices, but got a little frustrating.
by Wolfmaster on Dec 13, 2011
by TJMW on Sep 23, 2011
by jffg on Aug 5, 2011
So hilarious, it kept my attention, it was amusing, entertaining, and nearly ingenious in some ways. I loved it. You should advance further in your writing, I mean, shyeah, Paradox Factor was incredible, but you should focus on doing more, developing, you've done two stories so far, how about making that three?

I approve of this.
by TheCandyMan on Aug 4, 2011
by HoneyGoddess on May 17, 2011
by daisygirl18 on May 7, 2011
by Bladeninja76 on Apr 22, 2011
by danzdragon1234 on Apr 18, 2011
asesome i wiil try that in real life
by jaker on Jan 17, 2011
I guess I didn't find it quite as funny as everyone else did, but it was still a well written story and a lot of effort was put into it.
by EndMaster on Jan 3, 2011
VERY cool. I didn't know what to really expect from this, but I loved it.
by LaAnimaSola on Jan 3, 2011
by megz on Dec 21, 2010
by oxpoqxo on Oct 29, 2010
by PWENER on Sep 2, 2010
by aeaurigae on Aug 28, 2010
Excellent story! There were several points during it that had me laughing out loud, particularly when you keep playing a ridiculous choice to its conclusion, such as falling down on your knees in front of the girl begging for forgiveness until you are thrown out of the restaurant.

This definitely was a good use of an hour or so of my life. If you have any more stories around I would really like to check them out. Keep it up!
by neilwalsh on Aug 5, 2010
by topkills on Jul 30, 2010
by Persephone9494 on Jun 15, 2010
It was too easy, but kind of funny.
by KandiSnack on May 8, 2010
by KingMalice on May 5, 2010
Pretty damn funny. Enjoyed some of the pickup lines and actually got away with quite a bit on my way to the finish!
by Dirtlick on May 3, 2010
by killarha on Apr 7, 2010
This is really awesome and catchy like all of my ideas to do are here.. Awesome story!!!
by JJ2200 on Mar 25, 2010
by zachril on Mar 22, 2010
by bsal on Feb 2, 2010
It was fun imagining my self as a guy. I love it.
by michelle1994 on Jan 26, 2010
by Lrdwhyt on Jan 18, 2010
cool cool cool cool coool coool coool coool < that was spam
by Bentenmike on Jan 9, 2010
This is the funniest story on Infinite-Story I ever read!
by magic on Nov 25, 2009
by rootbeer667788 on Nov 12, 2009
by joopjoop1234 on Sep 25, 2009
by DAB251 on Sep 3, 2009
very good and quite funny at times
by slayer959595 on Aug 29, 2009
by Labychick on Aug 25, 2009
by builderman on May 19, 2009
by Alex18 on May 18, 2009
love this storie it is very well written
by shiningstar2009 on May 10, 2009
Not bad. I liked it but there were a few typos. No big deal though.
by Dewper on Apr 17, 2009
by bladeofluigi on Feb 23, 2009
by ONEwInGeDdEmOn on Jan 16, 2009
Best story ever! I hope you are considering writing a sequel.
by Megamantn on Dec 30, 2008
This is the best story I ever read.
by Megamantn on Dec 30, 2008
Thanks for the story. I used to love CYOA stories as a kid in the 80's, and I have always wanted to read more adult storylines, though you have to censor your material for all readers. I look forward to more stories from you. Hopefully you have some science fiction or historical ones too.
by tim227844 on Sep 24, 2008
Been my favorite for a long time.
by TheCat on Sep 6, 2008
Nice job on this. I laughed and laughed through the whole thing. Just overall great.
by Nour on Sep 6, 2008
by chinook on Jul 1, 2008
This is the most hilarious story I have read! 10/10 I wish I could rate it more like 100/10
by Adamented on Jun 22, 2008
So great! I love it! The events in the story are consistent and are logically altered by the choices that the reader makes. You also get to follow a woman's typical psyche. Great job!
by Alejate on Jun 15, 2008
by Ghizzard on May 30, 2008
Great i like it
by infernalbovine on May 26, 2008
Great stuff. Made me feel like if I really had gotten a date.
by drevenhaug on Dec 13, 2007
Pretty awesome
by Getachan on Dec 9, 2007
by JonTheWhiteBoy on Nov 15, 2007
Pretty Friggen good, man.

by Megamantn on Oct 16, 2007
Really nicely done. Good job.
by Kryptonite on Sep 29, 2007
by bluegreenpurple on Sep 14, 2007
PLZ make another o and view my stories and add me plz!love your stories!.
by RikkuFan00001 on Aug 28, 2007
by Rockstar on Aug 23, 2007
by Andy139 on Aug 12, 2007
that story was funny and entertaining and thats what i want when i read a story!
by joe60 on Jul 30, 2007
I gave it a ten! Its well funny and long!Theres only one problem with it: It only has a view of a boy so if a girl trys it(not that iam a girl)then it looks like the girl is a lesbian! Check out my story...may not be as good as this one but still is pretty good!
by happyhak on Jul 24, 2007
This story is hilaourious!!! Any person who says this is 7 or lower is an idiot!!!
by happyhak on Jul 24, 2007
Really Really good and funny
by Kittycoolcat on Jul 23, 2007
by scottmah on Jul 18, 2007
by Armando322 on Jul 16, 2007
by gameshark1313 on Jul 14, 2007
by DJbull on Jun 18, 2007
Awesome dude! I love skinky sex stories! YOu should put the sex in more detail though...
by shadowzxv on May 25, 2007
really good story I gave it ten
by lod506 on May 21, 2007
Wow, the condom in the teth part was hilarious. 10/10 defenitely.
by Salamislim on May 20, 2007
by theone3150 on Mar 23, 2007
Great story. i really enjoyed it.
by spartan008 on Mar 4, 2007
Great Story!
by on Mar 2, 2007
by TyCamden on Feb 20, 2007
by xxxxxpp on Feb 13, 2007
by TimPerrine78 on Jan 10, 2007
by GuiltyGearX on Dec 13, 2006
Extremely, well written. I have viewed a lot of stuff on this site thus far and have only come across this and another, that was even worth the time of day. Just as a suggestion (Other than that you make more.) Would be to get a little more creative.

And with that, I have nothing more to say.
by GuiltyGearX on Dec 13, 2006
it was really funny and just like real life. It deserves a god vote and I would be extremly proyud to write something as good and funny as that.
by DanaMoss on Dec 11, 2006
This wasn't the best thing I've seen. It was way too hard to get the girl, and she just completely ignores your phone calls because of a bad first date, where's the sense in that?
by neon725 on Dec 6, 2006
This story is frankly quite hilarious which is all I ask from a Choose Your Own Adventure. Ten all the way.
by Drewc91 on Nov 13, 2006
A very entertaining and well-written story! I loved every twist!
by MeTaLg0d on Nov 12, 2006
by CaptainEgo on Nov 10, 2006
by lionsroaring22 on Nov 1, 2006
by lawlore on Oct 26, 2006
by cyber95 on Sep 11, 2006
by Joe on Aug 18, 2006
Incredible! All the plot-twists make this story exciting and fun. I never knew what would happen next and I throughly enjoyed some of the "dead ends".
by goodfood18 on Aug 16, 2006
Quite amusing. Think about a sequel putting in a very difficult to access but ultimately worthwhile three-way special ending between her and her twin sister.
by apotheosis on Jul 6, 2006
by westernjesta on May 14, 2006
by niebieskipolak on Apr 23, 2006
It'd be cool if in the next one (if you make one) you can get her mom. heh that'd be funny
by strongbad on Apr 14, 2006
by kpeaches726 on Apr 5, 2006
good story
by realmofwonders on Mar 30, 2006
Hilarious, really great read guy.
by fbrondum on Feb 8, 2006
Actuall, Michael, I'm stone cold sober, and I gave it a ten.

Thanks for reminding me that I don't have any pot and my dealer isn't returning my calls, though.

Appreciate it.
by ChubbyTeletubby on Jan 17, 2006
Can't believe I never checked this one out, Lucid! I really like your work, and this one especially. Very funny. I'm tempted to give it a 9, but you made me laugh too hard NOT to give you a 10.

Oh, and Michael, take a chill pill, brother. Not every story has to be serious. There is a place for puerile humor, and Lucid did a good job here.

I thought my collaborative effort with DEP, 'CRACK ATTACK!', was the funniest story on the site when it hit, but this story definitely gives it a run for it's money.

I only wish I hadn't deleted it, as I do with all of my stories.

by ChubbyTeletubby on Jan 17, 2006
by rinpardee on Dec 28, 2005
Well written and great!!!
by Machin on Sep 12, 2005
I'm surprised I like this story so much, to be honest. But it's great fun if you're wanting something light-hearted. And I only fucked up about three times. One of them being the cutlery tower landing on me...
by TheKoolAidGuy on Sep 11, 2005
by Drano5050 on Sep 2, 2005
This story's one of my favorite's. i give it a 10.
by Gangaskhan on Aug 19, 2005
Honestly, how much pot do you have to smoke to rate this story a TEN??

Christ Almighty, this is shit.
by michaelrayholt on Aug 7, 2005
Hilarious! I built a big tower of cutlary! The biggest ever!!!
by donteatpoop on Jun 24, 2005
by bcuba on May 26, 2005
Only minimal English errors, but mostly one-liner, puerile storylines that need to be properly fleshed out as well.
by michaelrayholt on May 22, 2005
by Eruname on May 21, 2005
Wow what choices What great Pleaser
What great Sex !HE HE HE Your a really great story maker ha ha i liked that Especialy da bit where you acidentally hit the guy in da nose!
Maybe we should write a story togheter cause on my The Rockin Squad Clan ive also made a humor story with only one Sex ending!!!-SEND MESSAGE BACK TO ME-
by Storm on May 21, 2005
by Mysterio74 on May 21, 2005
This was a great story! I wish philosophy actually turned girls on... Or does it?
by splapped on Apr 23, 2005
funny however it was a bit short
by groovething on Feb 9, 2005
I like your story, although it would be nicer if when you take the girl back to your place you could do more than just get in the hot-tub, but other than that, it was a good story.
by jamestkirk on Jan 26, 2005
by arilyn78 on Jan 6, 2005
by Raidne on Dec 12, 2004
My spouse and I had a great time playing this one together :) Very amusing!
by AlphaDog on Nov 29, 2004
by Ravenchild on Nov 26, 2004
by smallz on Nov 16, 2004
Gets a 9 because of the McDonalds room, which was the funniest room on the site (i would've given it a seven)
by jeffisthebest on Nov 16, 2004
This was a GREAT story. I think you did a really good job.
by retlin on Nov 1, 2004
Really good fun story!
by kieren21 on Oct 27, 2004
by USAF777 on Oct 20, 2004
by rzd138 on Oct 12, 2004
Very well done. This is the kind of story to enjoy with a bowl of cornflakes...
by YazZMaN on Sep 24, 2004
by Venuspandora on Aug 12, 2004
awsome..i love the diferent options and angles!!!
by MoBruce on Jul 14, 2004
Seriously, go through this story exploring every option. This will make you laugh out loud every time! Excellent work!
by TerrapinKing on Jul 8, 2004
Hysterical! Definitely a fun read.
by TerrapinKing on Jul 7, 2004
It is now finished! I hope everyone enjoys it! Please rate it and consider voting for it.
by Lucid on Jul 6, 2004
One of the best stories yet--- but please finish it!
by Wackojacko83 on May 25, 2004
I love the continuity! This is the best story of its kind on this site.
by EnderWiggin on May 25, 2004

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